Thanks to the Tulsa Mayor’s office in partnership with the Tulsa Police Department, DVIS, and the Family Safety Center, approximately 130 people came together to draw attention to domestic violence and discuss ways to end it in our community.

Do you know . . .?
Oklahoma is 3rd in the nation for the number of women murdered by men.
The state is the first to implement a DV risk assessment used by police on DV calls.
Last year in Tulsa, there were 21,217 DV related 911 calls.

And, here are some notes and quotes from featured speaker Nashville Police Lt. Mark Wynn, nationally-noted trainer, DV consultant, and DV childhood survivor himself. He’s founder of the largest DV unit in the country, Nashville, his home.

Batterers don’t use guns, they use fear and coercion to prevent victims from leaving an abusive relationship.
Other obstacles keeping victims from leaving are finances, children, religious beliefs, and not knowing about resources in the community to help.
385,000 Oklahoma women will experience rape in their lifetime.
Speaking as a police officer to spontaneous applause: “We have got to stop letting other men get away with what’s our sworn duty to prevent.”
Leaving a violent relationship is not a single step, it’s a process.