From the Tulsa World: DHS Seeking Time on Shelter

Read about the state’s plan for the Laura Dester Children’s Center.


One of the biggest needs is more group home beds. Here’s the plan.

We are so happy to report that the Restricted Registry legislation has passed and will be on its way to the Governor soon.

The Child Protection Coalition sees the registry as a way to attack the problem of child abuse.

Through this legislation, employers will be required to cross-check registries so that an employee cannot have a substantiated abuse case at one type of facility and then go to another type of facility also dealing with children to be rehired. For example, a person who abused a child while working at a licensed daycare would have to be checked in the Restricted Registry before being hired at a facility operated by the Office of Juvenile Affairs.

We know that lots of supporters called their senators and representatives to show their support, and we’d like to say Thank You!